Iraq: Faith vs. Fear

Published September 29, 2016

Our world is consumed with fear. No matter where we lead, fear is always a barrier to following the call of God on our lives.

Here in the United States, our national conversation seems to be dominated by fear. Liberals fear conservatives; conservatives fear liberals. Across the political spectrum, many struggle with other fears. Immigration. National Security. Islamophobia. Refugees. Each of these issues are stirring up fear here in America.

Overseas, leaders in countries bordering conflict zones experience something similar. Terrorism, war and political instability have resulted in unprecedented numbers of refugees streaming into neighboring cities.

The refugee crisis is the greatest humanitarian issue in the world today. More than 60 million people—half of them children—forced from their homes. The relative peace and security of the cities and neighborhoods that receive these refugees has been disrupted by a huge influx of people. Of different ethnicities. From different religious sects. Who are impoverished. With different political views. And all of these new arrivals threaten the security of the people who lived there “first.”

Yet in these places, there are leaders and pastors who have taken a step beyond their own fear and have chosen to love refugees. Together, World Vision and the WCA support these fearless leaders and courageous churches.

As one Middle-Eastern pastor told us: If you want to hear the bad news, go to CNN or FOX news. If you want to see God’s version of what is happening…come and see what is going on in our area.

So that’s what we did. Our team at OX traveled to northern Iraq, in the Kurdistan region, fifty kilometers from Mosul. And we got to see firsthand what God is doing through a 26-year old pastor who is letting FAITH overcome his FEAR. 

What we captured on film, changed our perspective on what it means to love refugees. We hope it changes yours as well. Click the link below to watch the video. 

Visit to download your Refugee Crisis Leadership Guide and mobilize your congregation to respond to the largest humanitarian crisis in the world today.

And–together–let’s LOVE REFUGEES.

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