Published June 2, 2017

The Church Steps in to Unite Colombia in the Midst of Uncertainty

The GLS returned to Bogota, Colombia after several years of disunity and lack of peace in the region.

But the paradigms are shifting. They are on the cusp of a new era.

Colombia is currently experiencing a process of building peace within the country. On the outside, the perspective is nice, but on the inside, there is still a lot of uncertainty among people.

The Church realizes it can step in to unite the country, despite the uncertainty.

Realizing the Church can have an influence on the government, the GLS team in Colombia says they are experiencing the beginning of an era of unity as the Church plays a role in bringing peace to the nation by influencing all sectors of society.

“I celebrate that I had a chance to come to an event like the GLS.

At the most recent GLS, people from all sectors of society—business, education, church and government—all attended the relaunch anticipating new hope for the future of their nation.

A colonel in the Colombian army sat in the audience and was inspired to be a better leader. He wrote this note:

“I celebrate that I had a chance to come to an event like the GLS.

Many of us think it’s just our experiences that prepare us to become great leaders, but to be able to receive tools and ideas that cause transformation, not only as individuals, but as organizations, and whole communities, was truly enriching.

The GLS is beyond what I could imagine. On an individual level, I had the opportunity to come to terms with the conviction that I still have a lot to offer. I can positively influence my family and my community.

I was convicted with the commitment and the responsibility to seek Jesus as a model in leadership.

It is my desire to continue to attend, and, if possible, bring the GLS to our military this year.”

Thank you for your prayers and support for the GLS in places like Colombia that deal with the strife of unrest. Please continue to pray for the impact that the GLS will have in all sectors of society.

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