Published October 19, 2016

Because of the GLS | An Invitation Influences the Leadership of an Entire Police Department

groeschel-298x300 - for prison story“You may be one relationship away from changing the course of your destiny.” – Craig Groeschel

Dave is a pastor at a Summit host site and also serves as a police chaplain in his local community. When he struck up a friendship with a police officer named Sam, he didn’t realize the impact it would have on Sam’s life or the ripple effect their initial conversation would create in their community.

“Sam was going through a difficult time in his life,” Dave explains. “One of Sam’s fellow officers was attacked by a man with a knife. To stop the man from causing a potential fatality, they shot him, but immediately gave him first aid, saving his life. The man is now serving 13 years in prison. After the incident, the state gave Sam and his fellow officer an award for merit and valor.”

The incident marked Sam. And because of his relationship with Dave, he decided to start attending his church. When Dave invited him to attend to the 2014 Global Leadership Summit, Sam accepted.

The ripple was growing.

At the Summit, Sam’s chief asked if Sam could be recognized during one of the breaks for his service as a law enforcement officer. The audience at the site stood in applause, showing their appreciation.

Sam was deeply impacted.

Shortly after the Summit, he established a personal relationship with Jesus that impacted his life in a major way. He wanted to lead his life with integrity and excellence, including his life as a police officer. “We started a discipleship group and Sam grew in his faith,” Dave shares. “We reflected on GLS talks and encouraged each other to apply what we learned to our workplace.”

Then when 2015 GLS came along, Dave encouraged Sam to think about who he would invite to GLS.

Another ripple.

He invited a police lieutenant named Brad, who loved it. They began to go to work with different attitudes, and were instrumental in leading a culture of change in the department.

The chief commented on how they were key to carrying out the principles that made the department healthier as an organization.

“I thought I was seeing a mini revival in our department,” Dave shares. “People with grudges were forgiving each other. Attitudes between the union and management were being changed. Marriages of officers were being strengthened. It was really incredible, and what happened keeps happening.

“Brad said he had to change his leadership approach and began making intentional efforts to let the officers under his command know he cares about them and their families. Their performance and attitudes as officers have increased in amazing ways.”

Both of them have a growing relationship with Jesus. They both attend Dave’s church, and have helped to bring three other police officers and two firefighters to the church family. God is moving!

Applying the principles of the GLS has had a big impact on Sam and Brad, especially during these times when leadership in law enforcement is so crucial in our nation’s history. “I am constantly encouraged when I see the growth, heart and attitude and what they are doing at the department,” Dave shares. “I look forward to seeing what will happen as a result of GLS 2016!”

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