Published May 30, 2016

NO=Next Opportunity | How a Church in the Smallest City in Brazil Hosted a Summit for 2,000 Leaders

When I hear “no” all I hear is N.O. – next opportunity. – Mark Burnett 

The GLS recently gathered 2,000 leaders in the smallest city in Brazil, Sao Fidelis (A population of 35,000).

Pastor Herminio invited everyone he ran into, including the local bank manager, to attend the Summit, emphasizing the value of the teaching and how great it was to have the event in their city. But the bank manager refused to attend. He made every excuse not to come at every invitation the Pastor made.

The week of the Summit arrived, and the bank manager began to notice a bustling in the city.

Near the church, they were preparing for the event. He saw a power generator that was being used as a guarantee in case ended the electricity went out. He was curious by this, as it is not very common to have a generator for the events in this small city.

“What’s going on? Why do you need a generator of that size?” he asked some of the volunteers preparing the event.

They explained to him, “The church cares a great deal about conducting an excellent international event for our city, and we want to make sure that everything runs smoothly, and that each person here would have a great experience.”

He thought to himself and realized that the pastor might be right, and that maybe the Summit was an event that would be worth more effort in his schedule. So he signed up.

Pastor Herminio was not surprised when he saw him.

The bank manager was amazed by the Summit and all that he learned. When it was over, he sought out pastor Herminio and expressed in excitement. “I’m grateful for your insistence on my participation! When is the next one?! I want to bring my whole team! This event is amazing for my personal and professional life, and I don’t want to miss another!”

Who are you inviting to the Summit this year?

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