Published July 31, 2019

The GLS is a Catalyst Changing Me and My City of Omaha

I used to be stuck in performance addiction 

I’ve spent much of my life running like a hamster on a wheel. For at least 30 years, I was stuck in two of the most accepted addictions of our time: performance and perfectionism.

Throughout the first half of my career, which spanned from fundraising to sales to executive leadership, I achieved the highest levels of success…and all the trappings that go along with it. Being caught up in the world of fame, fortune, rewards and recognition consistently fed my addictions and chipped away at my true identity.

I passionately believe the Summit is the most impactful leadership gathering, experience and resource for leaders to leverage that exists in our world today!

My mindset of leadership effectiveness was narrow and highly inaccurate, centering largely on a scoreboard that monitored my outcomes (and what felt like my worth) on a minute-by-minute basis. I adopted success at nearly an all-costs mentality, demanding the ultimate from myself in work ethic, time and energy investments and high achievement. Every goal reached was like getting a hit—deceptive, short-lived and unfulfilling—leaving me seeking and striving for the next one.

I’m beyond grateful the Lord intervened, saving me from myself and giving me the grace to obey the new direction He created for my life. I now coach leaders to live and lead more authentically out of who they are, while influencing more deeply and achieving with more sustainable impact.

City Gathering Amie, Chris Snyder, Steve Bell, and Walter Hooker

God has used The Global Leadership Summit (GLS) to expand my leadership influence through the incredible messages shared by Summit faculty; exposure to healthy and diverse leadership philosophies; challenging concepts presented, connecting with Christian marketplace leaders and providing unexpected opportunities to serve in our community.

I’m honored to serve as the GLS City Strategist in Omaha and as the GLS Point Leader for Lifegate Church. I passionately believe the Summit is the most impactful leadership gathering, experience and resource for leaders to leverage that exists in our world today!

Growth through the Summit, Growth in leadership 

Omaha has been blessed to experience significant growth in the GLS over the past couple of years. We’ve gone from a few hundred leaders in attendance to nearly 2,000, have grown from 2 host sites to 5 and have seen Summit partnerships increase from a handful to nearly 40. This year we’ve been particularly blessed to welcome the Archdiocese of Omaha as a first-time host site and include our Catholic brothers and sisters in what God is doing in our city around leadership development.

Undoubtedly, the GLS has been at the core of the God-infused movement happening in Omaha…

Undoubtedly, the GLS has been at the core of the God-infused movement happening in Omaha, and I’m just one of many who have been called into this space to co-create a leadership movement centered on the pillars of unity and leadership excellence. A unique infrastructure serves as Omaha’s foundation, with two special “pillar” organizations: Within Reach and

Within Reach, led by some of the most exceptional pastors in the country, represents about 40 churches who are unified and committed to what God is doing in His church throughout our city. The four primary focuses of Within Reach include: church growth, church plants, compassionate service, and leadership development. is led by visionary marketplace leaders and was birthed directly out of GLS partnerships. We’re growing and formalizing, and the leaders involved represent all spheres of influence in the city—business, ministry, government, education, healthcare, athletics, arts, entertainment, believers and unbelievers. The mission of is to grow, serve and champion leaders in our community.

Championing leadership growth year round 

Amie speaking at GLS City Launch in Omaha

The GLS gives us a common, non-divisive leadership language to speak and understand. It’s further unifying our efforts and posturing us to create purposeful conversations beyond the Summit. Because of our team work around the GLS, we’re joining together to ask the question: “What is God’s Grander Vision for our city?”

This year, is sponsoring the following initiatives: GLS NEXT Omaha, Monthly Leadership Luncheons and Mastermind Groups. All will be held in the months following the Summit and are designed to help leaders maximize their GLS experience by taking action on the incredible speaker content and by fostering strong relationships community-wide.

What might God do through this movement? 

This question excites us and requires us to be in a surrendered posture of listening and learning. We know that we’re committed to leadership excellence, we’re committed to Omaha, and we’re committed to what God might call us to in the city movement as He continues to unfold the pieces of the puzzle.

We’re focused on striding forward obediently with long, intentional steps in the same direction as His pace of Grace. As Omaha leaders say “yes” to the leadership assignments He gives us, investing 150% of ourselves, not in scoreboards or numbers goals, but in the people He’s called us to reach, Omaha’s Grander Vision will be reached.

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Amie Gamboian

Founder/Executive Leadership Coach

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Amie Gamboian is the founder of Who You Are℠ Leadership Coaching and Consulting in Omaha. She is widely known for her passion for championing leadership excellence and for being a perspective shaper, strategist, change agent and gifted communicator. Amie formerly provided coaching and consulting services nationally and internationally in one of the world’s premier direct selling companies. During her 20-year tenure she led her organization of over 1,000 to retail nearly $30 million in product and created leadership curriculum for over 12,000 leaders. Amie’s community involvement includes serving as Chair of, City Movement Strategist for The Global Leadership Summit, Primary leader of Legacy Builders, and Faculty member of Lifegate University.