Negociando con la vida

Published May 12, 2015


Conflict ManagementLeading Others

William Ury, author of Getting To Yes, talks about what he believes is the core competency of leadership – negotiation. How do you view conflict and are you prepared to negotiate through conflict?

About the Speaker(s)
William Ury

William Ury

Co-Founder, Author, academic, anthropologist and negotiation expert

Harvard Program on Negotiation

Co-Founder and Senior Fellow for Harvard University’s Program on Negotiation. A negotiator and mediator, with 30 years practical experience in conflicts ranging from corporate mergers to ethnic wars in the Middle East. A social anthropologist and teacher, he is the author of award-winning business books, including Getting to Yes, an eight million copy best seller. Co-founder of the International Negotiation Network with President Jimmy Carter, a non-governmental body seeking to end civil wars. We all face conflict. It’s part of leadership. He will unpack practical steps we can take to resolve it and how to move forward from it.

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