Grander Vision: Judge Paul M. Herbert – C.A.T.C.H. Court

Published August 31, 2018


CallingLeading Yourself

At the 2018 Global Leadership Summit, Judge Paul Herbert shares how God gave him a Grander Vision to create a probation process in the legal system to help women escape prostitution. God has a vision for each of our lives – a unique opportunity to fully live out our faith in the sphere of influence in which we have been placed.

About the Speaker(s)
This is Judge Paul Herbert author headshot.

Paul M. Herbert


Franklin County Municipal Court, Columbus, Ohio

Franklin County Municipal Court Judge Paul Herbert is a leader in Ohio and changing the conversation nationwide about sex trafficking. Judge Herbert founded and presides over CATCH court for the past five years. CATCH is an acronym for "Changing Actions To Change Habits." The focus of CATCH court is to require treatment for the substance abuse that often underlies prostitution as well as opportunities for job preparedness. The program has been a resounding success on all accounts, from lowering recidivism, costs to the county, and helping these women, often victims of crime themselves, escape a dangerous and predatory lifestyle.